22-23 Nov, 2018 Mallorca, Spain


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From do it yourself, to custody, to crypto funds

What are the best ways to invest in crypto

Store of Value

Bitcoin and some of the most important cryptocurrencies are becoming more important as a store of value. For example, Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel spoke at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he told the audience that he believes “people are underestimating bitcoin especially because ... it's like a reserve form of money, it's like gold, and it's just a store of value. You don't need to use it to make payments." Let's explore this in details.

Crypto Funds

The crypto market is still at its very early, and no one knows which cryptocurrency will be at the top of its niche in a couple of years. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay so they will form part of the financial landscape for decades to come. Funds give you a better chance to diversify and this way to be the owner of some of the winners in the crypto space.

Crypto Custody

If you invest significant amounts of money in crypto, you will need to safeguard your bitcoins. You will most probably need a deep cold storage, dynamic wallet address and multi-signature authorization technologies. Let's explore the best options.

Decentralized real time transactions

Accept crypto, store and spend them securely, or turn crypto into euros

New audience means new opportunities

There are a couple of billions of dollars in crypto right now, and many of the people are looking to spend some of them. We believe this is the right time to start thinking how to accept crypto as payments.

The Future of Payments

The digital cash will be easy to use and accessible for all users from all over the world, even for those who aren’t technologically savvy. Anybody will be able to set up an account on the blockchain, create contacts and most probably will pay them just using the name. Something like,"Hey Siri, sent 127 Satoshi to Michael". Where Michael lives is not important any longer.

A trully global civilization

Governed Decentralized Organizations

Borderless Organizations

Companies exist to create value for their owners and users. By removing unnecessary intermediaries and third parties and allowing entities from all over the world to develop new types of companies, we can dramatically improve the way we do business. Let's find out how.

Decentralized Organizations

All organizations from startups to multinational corporations are coming to view flatter, and more egalitarian structures are more potent than hierarchies.

In today’s increasingly fast-paced business environment, companies transform and become decentralized structures. Decentralization represents the full culmination of the organization’s vision. Let's see how we can get there.

Understanding the legal and taxation perspectives

How to maximize your investments in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and your taxes

Cryptocurrencies had its coming-out party in 2017. With all the excitement and opportunities around the topic, it might be easy to forget about taxation. Almost every cryptocurrency transaction — mining, spending, trading, exchanging, air drops, etc. — will likely be a taxable event. Let's find out from the best in the field.

Legal implications

Governments are interested in cryptocurrencies because of concerns about its use in illegal money transfers, about the effect it will have on the banks or the central banks, and concerns about the protection of consumers and investors who might use cryptocurrencies.

Decoding the ICOs revolution

The future of every assest is to become token

The ICO Bubble

With the sheer amount of money going into ICOs nowadays and everyone wanting a piece of that ICO pie, legit fears are going around of ICO being a bubble much like the dot-com bubble from 20 years ago. Let's see where we are.

Investing in ICOs

There is no doubt that ICOs can be the bubble we have to cross. But there are so many benefits, like eliminating all the paper works, democratizing the investment process and the most important the innovation behind every ICO.


We are inviting the best industry experts and insiders.
We are going to anounce our first speakers soon.

Coin Creators

There are more than 20 cryptocurrencies designed to replace the actual money. We are going to invite the most important makers and creators to explain their vision.

Crypto Investors

Understanding how to invest in crypto, how to deal with the risks and how to use the best tools to preserv you crypto assets from the most important investors in the space.

ICO Experts

The ICOs will transform the way we invest, the way business will raise capital and the way they will work. We want to invite the best experts in ICOs to decode this for us.










Presentations and program overview

8:00 AM

Speakers and attendees gather around roundtables discussions over breakfast with croissants and fresh coffee and juices.

Palma de Mallorca has topped a Sunday Times list of "the best places to live" beating destinations across the world with its awesome old town, amazing beaches and great restaurants.


Portfolio managers explain how to invest in different coins, allocate the investment and balance the risk.


Lunch break and networking session in networking room. Enjoy your meal while listen to some of the most innovative and disruptiive blockchain companies pitch for funding on the stage.


Sponsor: TBD


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8:00 AM

Speakers and attendees gather around roundtables discussions over breakfast with croissants and fresh coffee and juices.

Crypto experts explaining how to buy, when to buy and how to keep you investments safe.


Portfolio managers explain how to invest in different coins, allocate the investment and balance the risk.

John McEnroe


Sponsor: TBD


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Wine testing in Mallorca

We organize small groups to discover the best wines in Mallorca.

Hiking in Tranmuntana

A great way to network with other atendees doing some sport in the same time. Tramuntana is a European patrimoniu. Make sure you don's miss this.

Golf at Saint Quint

There are 7 places where you can play golf in Mallorca. We can organize small groups so this is another way to connect with like minded attendees.

Biking near the beach

You don't need to have your bike with you. You can rent one here, and take a tour on the world's most famous bikers island.

Take private tennis lessons

You probably know that one of the best tennis players in the world was born here. This is your chance to take tennis lessons where the best learned.

Learn to cook Spanish Dishes

Cooking a spanish dish is something you will remember forever. Join this group to connect with other food lovers and talk about paella and crypto..


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The best location in Europe.

Palau del Congresos Mallorca

A modern location for the future of money

With this new Palau del Congresso, Mallorca is becoming an essential player on the event scene in Europe. With his impressive design and the outstanding location, visitors from almost all over Europe can be here in less than 3 hours.

Why We Choose Mallorca

Some event attendees who now live and work in Mallorca

Mallorca is probably the best connected airport in Europe. You can get there in max 2h from almost everywhere in Europe.
Jan Hankines Chairman of WaveTel
Mallorca can be the Sillicon Valley of Europe for Crypto currencies and blockchain techonlogies. So many things happening here and the infrastructure for the innovation is simply amazing.
Lorena Davidson Founder of Block Capital
If you visit ParcBit you will want to move your business operations here.
Brian Armstrong Founder of BitcoinZ
Accomodation in Mallorca

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Hotel Melia Palma Bay

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Get your room in this amazing hotel, only 50m from the main venue. Enjoy a new hotel concept and experience at the Meliá Palma Bay. Located alongside the Paseo Marítimo seafront promenade, this modern hotel in Palma de Mallorca is the ideal base for discovering both the city and the island. Near the popular seaside district of Portixol, Palma beach and the historic city centre, it is a perfect hotel for both business and leisure travellers.

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Hotel Melia Marina

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Only 2km distance from the main venue. Spectacular views of the bay, the cathedral and the seafront promenade is just one of the attractions at Meliá Palma Marina (formerly Meliá Palas Atenea), a hotel in Palma for business and leisure travellers.

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